Tillandsia Narvaez
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Tillandsia Narvaez
cv. of T. xiphioides. Collected by Len Colgan 1993
From BCR ... "Mature, upright rosette to 15cm. diameter x 25cm. high. Awl-shaped, semi-channelled, scurfed soft, grey-green leaves, considered a greener-leaved species variant of T. xiphioides. Erect simple spike of perfumed pure white flowers with recurved petals, typical of the species. Wild-collected by Adelaide, South Australian grower Len Colgan in 1993 at 1710 metres altitude at Narvaez, 4km. south-east of Tarija, Bolivia. Found in a general area where T. lorentziana inhabits but is not considered linked to this species. Distributed in Australia for around 20 years as T. "Bolivia #20 L.C. ". Reg. Doc. 1/2020 by Derek Butcher.Country of origin: Bolivia"
Justin Lee 01/20
Ray Clark 01/20
Justin Lee ... "I don't know much about this one, not even sure who it came from except that it must originally have come from Len Colgan. I have it labelled as 'Bolivia # 20 L.C.'. It seems very close to T. xiphioides, it has a strong scent of citrus and the petals have a very faint yellow hue. My T. xiphioides 'wall' is growing in size like some of your ionantha and edithae walls."
Andrew Flower ... "Len sent me seed labelled "Bolivia #20 " in November 1997, with the note: 'Narvaez (S.E. of Tarija 1710m) v. large softish green-leaved T. xiphioides - very choice! BUT probably too old....' "
Derek Butcher ... "As you say it looks like one of the T. xiphioides group but which one? Who else is growing Colgan #20. It may be worthwhile registering this clone as 'Narvaez' where it was collected."
Chris Larson ... "I think that you may have got it from me. A vague recollection that I have. It grows quite well for me. I just took a couple more pups off before this conversation started - I still hadn't mounted them at that time.
On the disc is states T. lorentziana/xiphioides. Len & Derek would have taken it apart at some stage, I would assume. The lorentziana bit is a little perplexing.
I've been calling it the green xiphioides. Lovely plant - deserves a name. Probably deserves the intrepid explorer Len's name in the cv as well. But I am terrible with names. Go for it Justin."
Justin Lee ... "Is anyone able to direct me to who I need to liaise with to start the process for registration of the plant? As I stated earlier I'm willing to do the work but not sure who looks after the registrations. Still thinking about a name that compliments both Len and the location that he collected it."
Ray Clark ... "Hi Justin, better late than never, this is my xiphioides Colgan #20, ex Derek Butcher.
It looks as though I have flowered it but I cannot locate a pic other than this one "
Chris Larson ... "Hi Justin, and anyone wanting to register a hybrid. It is quite easy, just go here https://registry.bsi.org/?newRegistration
If any further info is required, or there are any issues, Geoff will contact you. If you need to talk to Geoff first the Bromeliad Cultivar Registry offers this address as the contact point cultivars@bsi.org"
Geoff Lawn ... "This is now registered as T. 'Narvaez', so it's time to change your labels."

Ray Clark 12/21
Ray Clark ... "T. Navarez, what can I say? The trademark gardenia like scent of xiphioides and as hardy as."

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