Tillandsia Mr Barnes
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Tillandsia Mr Barnes
ferreyrae x bulbosa, Paul Isley, California.
Peter Tristram 09/17
Chris Larson 09/17
Peter Tristram ... "T. Mr Barnes will be getting around a bit these days. It is reputed to be T. ferreyrae x bulbosa, made by Dimmit. Len Colgan told me about this interesting cross quite a few years ago now but it wasnít until I travelled to the US in 2010 and 2012 that I obtained it, both from RFI and BRT. Itís a vigorous plant so I have bloomed it quite a few times since. I think the parentage of ferreyrae is problematic as the flowers look like a cross between two parents with exerted stamen and pistil. I think Barry Gennís T. Lucky Strike is far more like what a ferreyrae hybrid would look like. Years ago T. ferreyrae was in the mix of Andean species on offer (usually not as that though) and it is a large, semi-xeric, tank species with typical flowers of the Andean tanks like rauhii - large, almost black flowers with stigma and stamen pretty-well equal to the petals. On the other hand, bulbosa is very dominant, like vionantha, so the parentage just might be correct. I doubt too many ferreyrae are around now to play with as it doesnít seem to pup at any stage of growth, unless someone has it growing from seed (I hope so!)."
From BCR ... "See same cross 'Rechoncho', 'Royal Sceptre' apparently same seed batch Rainforest Flora Reg Doc 6/2012. Advice received from Paul Isley Nov 2013 that parentage is really ferreyrae x bulbosa NOT bulbosa x ferreyrae."

Updated 08/10/17