Tillandsia Milk Junket
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Tillandsia Milk Junket
cv juncea
From BCR ... "Origin unknown as to whether it was collected from the wild, mutation from seed or a vegetative sport but agrees with the description of T. juncea in Smith & Downs Tillandsioideae Monograph (1977) except for colour of petals which are white. Most of those specimens grown in Australia seem to be linked to selection from mixed importations of the normal violet-flowered form from Guatemalan trade sources. Reg. Doc. 2/2017 by D Butcher"
Ken Woods, Sydney 06/07 as T. juncea
Don Vancooten 07/20 as T. juncea 'White'
Don Vancooten ... "I am really pleased with the first flowering of my T. juncea white. My other T. juncea is not flowering so maybe there is a greater difference between the white form and the other forms than just petal colour."
Justin Lee ... "Don; check out Tillandsia Milk Junket on the BCR, another collector suggested this to me some time ago."
Don Vancooten ... "Hi Justin. Yes it certainly looks like Tillandsia Milk Junket.
I noticed that the anthers reach the stigma in my flower but the anthers look like they are shorter than the stigma in the photos of Tillandsia Milk Junket. Is that difference significant?"
Derek Butcher ... "T. juncea is wide spread and there is lots written by taxonomists. It may even be mentioned about the length of stamens. It is known that this does happen to some Tillandsias to assist in pollination. So you have to know how long the plant has been in anthesis. Too technical for me. Who knows if it happens all the time!"

Updated 14/11/23