Tillandsia Marron
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Tillandsia Marron
cv of capitata, by Isley?
BCR ... red leaves and yellow bloom bracts - 'Bromeliaceae' said, "This particular form grown in good light is totally red in color. The scape bracts are a startling yellow contrast to the red". Name translates to "brown".
Sometimes called capitata 'Old Gold' form
N.B. This cultivar has nothing to do with the (so-far) unregistered cultivar T. funckiana "Marron" in circulation.
Ken Woods, as 'Old Gold' form ~2000
Ian Hook 03/24 ex estate#114
Bob Hudson 01/10.
John Olsen 01/10.
Chris Larson 02/15
Chris Larson ... "A first for me. Never had much luck with these I figure that they are a little to intolerant of our cold so I have them under heat.
Long has there been conjecture whether certain plants are T. Old Gold & whether they are T. Marron. From our Tillandsia discussion group last month it appears that there were multiple collections from the same site which were given both of these names (by different people). As has happened with many other plants which are similar, some of these plants have been re-labelled in Australia as they looked like what was grown (by other growers) under the other name. Effectively they all just descended from individuals collected from the same locality which explains why some people bought Marrons which looked like what others were growing as Old Gold and vice versa. Nice plants all the same and one cannot have too many no matter how slight the variations.

Ray Clark 03/24

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