Tillandsia Madeline
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Tillandsia Madeline
chiapensis x exserta registered by Neville Ryan, Qld.
Previously here under formula. Registered 11/17
From BCR ... "Mature open, spidery rosette to 40cm. diameter. Scurfed, narrow, silvery-grey, channeled, spreading leaves. Erect, simple, spear-like spike to 20cm. high of shell pink bracts and purple flowers."

Ron Jell 04/17
Bruce Dunstan 08/18
Ron Jell ... "This hybrid is apparently in quite a few collections. I like it. The grey and pink seem to go so well together.
My plant came from Neville Ryan and my records show that he in fact did the cross."
Chris Larson ... "I agree, this is a very nice plant. I flowered it a couple of years ago (a little on the small side) and thought it was nice.
This year I flowered it again - and it was very nice. I've been wondering who did it. Nice one Neville - time to give it a name."
Gary May ... "If you're trying to get a rough idea how many are in existence, well, I have one too."
Pam Buttler 11/17 ... "I have 2 of these plants. One is from Neville which is like Ron's but the other came from George Stamatis and is a much bigger plant I think. Neville's is mounted and George's potted but I think they may have been done by different hybridizers."

Bruce Dunstan 08/18 ... "post floral and first round of pups removed."
Peter Tristram ... "I am sure the identity is nailed but where it came from isnít! I was hoping for a well fed contribution from Bruce just to prove the branching bit. I didnít consider Wight Dragon because of all of the ? marks. It does look like an exserta hyb though. Yours could do with fattening up! I guess itís a pup that bloomed early. Where did you obtain it?"
Chris Larson ... "My plant is also flowering at the moment.
(I recently put on the T. Wight Dragon tag on a plant which was procured mounted on a stick as T. exserta X chiapensis. It was a tiny pup and struggled - and flowered rather poorly probably 2 or 3 or so years ago. I found the reference to this cross on the BCR only recently and added that to the label - just before it started to flower.)
The way this plant has grown this time, and flowered this time, makes me think that this is what it does - though it will probably take the next flowering to be sure it is at full size. Maybe, as no-one seems to recognise it like this, it may grow bigger."

Pam Butler 06/20
Chris Larson 06/20 as exserta x chiapensis ??
Chris Larson ... "I have a plant as T. exserta x chiapensis. It looks a lot more like T. Majestic than T. Wights Dragon.
Does anyone know of the origins of my plant? It usually has a few more leaves on it when flowering - but not too many more."
Bruce Dunstan 05/21
Bruce Dunstan ... "Best flowering Iíve had of this beautiful Neville Ryan hybrid. I found a plant slightly larger than these two that didnít flower this season so canít wait to see what size it gets to next year."
Rob Bower 07/23

Updated 27/07/23