Tillandsia Lucille
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Tillandsia Lucille
A natural hybrid T. ehlesiana X streptophylla
Chris Larson 08/13. From Pam Koide WBC Cairns.
Pam Butler 09/20
George Nieuwenhoven 04/21
Pam Butler ... "Mounted it's not as big but nice just the same."

Rob Bower 07/23 'Lucille'
Rob Bower 07/23 "smaller version of the cross"
Rob Bower ... "The real Lucille and a smaller version of the cross."

Ian Cook 11/23
*Andrew Flower 07/23 TX054
*Andrew Flower ... "As a matter of interest attached are pics of Pam's TX054 Tillandsia ehlersiana x streptophylla "natural hybrid, Mexico"."

Rob Bower, 30/08/23, enquiry about streptophylla x ehlersiana - reverse?/remake?
Rob Bower 08/23 (as streptophylla x ehlersiana)
Peter Tristram 08/23 Lucille remake
Rob Bower ... "Any comments on whether this is streptophylla x ehlersiana. Nice plant in any case."
Geoff Lawn ... "Hi Rob. The BCR lists only 2 cultivars with that parentage T. streptophylla x ehlersiana. It’s obviously not T. 'Beezie'.
The closest match is T. 'Joy', allowing for growing and climatic differences (as grown in California). See: https://registry.bsi.org/?fields=&id=11104&search=joy
Another possibility is the natural hybrid, listed as the reverse cross and registered as T. Lucille.
See: https://registry.bsi.org/index.php?fields=Name&id=8161&search=lucille
You can see that parentage alone is not enough to pinpoint which clone you possibly have, or even if it's from the same grex."
Rob Bower ... "Thanks Geoff. Yes I think it's a remake of Lucille or as you say a reverse. I got about 5 seedlings a long time ago and they are finally flowering. Pam got one – was it similar Pam?
I've lost the source but I think it was probably some grower who just made a cross a long time ago and produced a lot of seedlings. The naming system for the till crosses is pretty messy compared to the orchid system."
Peter Tristram ... "Hi Rob, reverse here, but locally produced by Barry Genn. No matter which way, it's a ripper!"
Rob Bower ... "Thanks Peter – pretty much exactly the same."
Pam Butler ... "Hi Rob. The one I have has a growth habit more like Lucille than the one you had at the meeting last week. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos."
Rob Bower ... "Hello Pam. That indicates that the one you got from me was part of a little grex – as I guessed."

Updated 03/12/23