Tillandsia Kylie Maree
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Tillandsia Kylie Maree
aff. tequendamae (erect) x deppeana, by Barry Genn.
Flowering rosettet to 60 cm. tall x 40 cm diameter, though recurving, long-tapering green leaves extend to about 1 metre long. The erect Inflorescence is red-bracted with many 20 cm. long vertical branches with purple flowers much like deppeana. Harry Luther gave the identity of the seed parent, though it also resembles a small form of T. porphyrocraspeda. Reg. Doc. 2/2018 by P Tristram. Origin: Queensland
Photo Peter Tristram 02/18 ex. Barry Genn 2004
Peter Tristram ... "Barry Genn will be pleased to know that a couple of his interesting TV hybrids are coming into bloom. I think he said they had T. appenii or porphyrocraspeda (cylindrica) in them though he could clarify in time. The grex had an interesting number of variously variegated (typically sort of striated) seedlings though some of these failed to thrive and the ones blooming arenít variegated. It looks like they are going to be quite impressive."
Barry Genn ... "I still haven't flowered any of these yet but the seed came off tequendame, not sure of the pollen parent. It looks good with a long way still to go."
Peter Tristram ... "Was the tequendamae the upright version? It is me who did the appenii hybrids which are getting big too but not blooming yet. I wish I'd been more careful with seed from other TV crosses I did 10 + yrs ago!"
Barry Genn ... "It was the upright form with orange bracts I got from Mullers a long time ago, it seems to be a hardy form.
From pollinating a TV to raising plants to flowering is a pretty low success rate, but worth trying."
Peter Tristram ... "I have my thoughts as to what the other parent is, but I wonder what others think? Now for a name, Barry!"

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