Tillandsia Holm's Alberose
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Tillandsia Holm's Alberose
Cultivar of albertiana x roseiflora, Holm.
Originally to be registered as T. 'Kardinal' by Peter Tristram, and may be circulating in Australia as such.
But in the end Burkhard Holm's daughter, Tanja Richter, registered T. 'Holm's Alberose'.

Note: First 3 images and text originally on this web site under formula.
Ron Jell 09/14
Peter Tristram 09/14
Ron Jell ... "I have just flowered this hybrid for the first time. I can't find any record of it on the BCR. I bought it from Peter Tristram in March 2013 as a Holm hybrid "
Peter Tristram ... "Herr Holm and I are in the poop again. It's one I have imported a couple of times and quite an unusual cross. I have asked Burkhard (and Andreas Boeker) about naming his hybrids with limited success and the only namings I have ever seen listed are: albertiana X roseiflora - T. 'Kardinal' (Holm), the nice edithae x albertiana cross he called Margarite, caput-medusae x flabellata - 'Papas Liebling', and the little sucrei x globosa named Mein Ideal.
None are registered because I never received any more info so I procrastinated on the matter of the Holm hybrids.

2015/2016 under 'Kardinal' then by BCR as T. 'Holm's Alberose'.
Peter Tristram, as 'Kardinal BH' 04/15.
Peter Tristram 2015 ... "I have again contacted Burkhard and Marko (father and son), including Andreas Boeker, to see where we are up to with the status so far. Hopefully this can be registered on the BCR soon.
The proposed name for this T. albertiana x roseiflora is T. Kardinal."

Geoff Lawn, BCR Registrar, 20/10/16 ... "Peter Tristram's Master List of Holm hybrid imports does list T. albertiana x roseiflora twice under year 2010. One entry under parentage is nominated as T. 'Kardinal' (stil not registered) and the other was registered as T. 'Holm's Alberose'.
Burkhard Holm's daughter Tanja Richter did say in July that T. Kardinal would be registered soon, but what eventuated was the registration of T. 'Holm's Alberose'. Whether different from T. 'Kardinal' I don't know but I will check with Tanja. This name Kardinal has been under email discussion for at least several years, but nothing has been resolved as far as I know."

Peter Tristram, 21/10/16 ... "I would have sold a few under formula and maybe a few as 'Kardinal' as that is what Burkhard labelled the last lot as. I donít have many and itís a fairly slow propagator. Iíll go with Tanjaís registered name."

Updated 21/10/16