Tillandsia It's The One
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Tillandsia It's The One
01/2018 as streptophylla X fasciculata (Not Registered)
04/2018 corrected and registered as fasciculata x xerographica See notes below.
Chris Larson 01/18
Chris Larson 11/18
Chris Larson 01/18 ... "in the driveway at home getting full sun from 10 to 1 for the past few weeks. Still hasnít coloured up much. Must grow it in a pot next time."

Geoff Lawn 04/18 ... "I noticed your 2 photos of T. 'It's The One' (streptophylla x fasciculata). To get it registered, can you supply a few details:"
Chris Larson 04/18 ... "At present too busy with shows to do this one. It is ex Isley, 2012 from memory. Parentage includes xerographica. I think Peter Tristram has a better photo and may know the other parent. George S also has it."
Geoff Lawn ... "I consulted Paul Isley (see next email) and he said T. 'It's the One' parentage is fasciculata x xerographica. "
Paul Isley ... "Iím attaching a photo of Tillandsia 'Towering Inferno' (T. streptophylla X T. fasciculata).This hybrid has a lot of color in the leaves, at least for us. Itís quite different to T. 'It's The One' fasciculata x xerographica."
Geoff Lawn ... "I will register this T. 'Towering Inferno' also."

Chris Larson 11/18 ... "T. fasciculata X xerographica (Isley). I got 3 plants, and 2 flowered nearly identical to the first photo.
The 3rd one has had a hard existence. It grew on a strange angle, then got dropped and damaged Ė but this one has much better branching and colour in the peduncle. I think Iíll look after it a bit better."

Updated 04/04/19