Tillandsia Holm's Wintersun
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Tillandsia Holm's Wintersun
crocata x caliginosa, B.Holm 1987
From BCR ... "Mature semi-caulescent rosette to 10-12 cm high x 10-12 cm wide. The distichous leaves are silvery-grey scaled, stiff and recurved. The long woolly peduncle bears a distichous inflorescence with 5 to 7 fragrant flowers coloured from ochre-orange to yellow-brown/amber. Registered 11/2015 by T Richter, Germany."
Dale Dixon 04/20
Dale Dixon ... "I bought this little hybrid as an unknown imported from the nursery of Burkhard Holm. After looking through the Holm hybrids registered on the BCR I think itís Tillandsia ĎHolmís Winter Suní. It clearly has characters from both parents - Tillandsia crocata and Tillandsia caliginosa. Scented too."

Updated 18/07/20