Tillandsia Holm's Scented Surprise
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Tillandsia Holm's Scented Surprise
gerdae x xiphiodes???
From BCR ... "Plant is like a much larger version of T. gerdae but more white frosted with a relatively-large, paddle-shaped spike. It was imported into Australia ex Germany with T. gerdae seedlings from Burkhard Holm. Rosette grows upright to 20 cm. diameter, slightly caulescent with xiphioides-like spike and fragrant, lavender flowers. (T. xiphioides is a possible pollen parent. T. cardenasii also is considered, especially due to flower colour.). Registered by Peter Tristram. Origin Germany."
Alfonso Trudu 03/19
Alfonso Trudu ... "A while ago I purchased a Tillandsia with the name of gerdae on it. I didn't have a gerdae, so I was happy to have one. When I showed it to Neville, he told me it was not a straight gerdae, but it looked like a hybrid with xiphiodes in it. From the seller I found out that the plant originally came from Peter Tristram. So I showed it to him, but he preferred to identify it once it was in flower. So over the last week, the plant did flower. From the pictures both Neville and Peter agreed that it is likely a gerdae x xiphiodes cross, or vice-versa. The flower looks like that of a gerdae, but the plant looks like a xiphiodes from its long scape and foliage. So it is really a nice cross. I am not sure whether it is a natural or man-made hybrid. In the latter case, it would be nice to know who did the cross.
Derek, do you think I should register it? If so, I will need a bit of help since I have never done it before."
Derek Butcher ... "I never like guessing parents for a guessed hybrid especially when a little known species is involved.
I have a gut feeling that "capinota" is involved. (see gerdae entry)
I do know that 'capinota' was being grown in Adelaide. Other Adelaide collectors may like to comment. Renate Ehlers also sent me seed of T. gerdae which grew well but never flowered. I guess this would take 15 years or so under Adelaide conditions so I was not able to do my customary analysis.
As you can see I do not favour a hybrid solution but 'Capinota' could be on the cards."
Peter Tristram ... "I think it is a pup from Ron Jell who got a seedling Ďgerdaeí ex Holm. I canít remember selling any more. It would have had a proviso at the time as I hadnít bloomed the taller seedlings. As for whether it has xiphioides in it I said Iíd reserve my judgement until I see it on the weekend. gerdae is fragrant too. Whatever it is Holm made a nice plant!"
Peter Tristram ... "Yes, all guesses, as I told Alfonso and, no doubt, Ron, assuming itís a pup from a plant he got from me some years ago, ex Burkhard aka Bob Holm. None of mine have bloomed. There are 2 groups in the seedlings, now that they are bigger than the 1 cm when I purchased them. Some are gerdae and the rest are these long leafed plants. One day I might bloom some. Iím sure Chris would have some too. Itís always problematic parting with seedlings! The purchaser can get a nice surprise too. I think Alfonso should register it, including Ronís plant, with the assumption as mentioned, but being a Holm creation, Tanja might know more. I think that T. capinota is an interesting diversion, though, unless, of course, I am completely wrong and this baby isnít a Holm."
Alfonso Trudu ... "Yes, the pup came from Ron Jell, who had flowered it. He takes accurate notes about his plants, which he numbers. So he is sure the plant came from you, Peter.
I am adding a couple of more pictures of the two flowers. The older one has lost its original blue colour. A third flower will hopefully open up over the weekend.
We need to postpone the discussion until next week so you, Peter, and other Tillandsia experts at the BSQ Show can look at the plant and speculate about its resemblance to other plants. Maybe for comparison, Peter, you may like to bring along one of the other plants from your batch of seedlings purchased from Burkhard, so everybody can compare the two varieties. The climate down south at Repton and even more so in Melbourne is probably not warm enough for this plant to flower."

Geoff Lawn 15/05/19 ... "Now registered as Holm's Scented Surprise"
Peter Tristram 11/19
Peter Tristram 11/19 ... "Continuing on with the hybrid theme, hereís another of Bob Holmís ĎGerdaeí. Some bloomed years ago as dead ringers for gerdae ex Len Colgan, correctly named I assume, but Alfonso posted a pic of a plant that I imported as part of a batch of gerdae seedlings from Herr Holm as well. The plant was sold to Ron Jell originally and is now registered as T. Holmís Scented Surprise. It took me a while to locate the rest of this lot and when I finally found them, one was budding. I donít think it would be classed as gerdae either. It is larger than typical gerdae and has a larger, dark purple flower and is basically non-fragrant. Some of the other remaining seedlings look more like gerdae should. Suggestions of parentage welcome!"
Alfonso Trudu 12/20
Alfonso Trudu 12/20 ... "About two years ago we were able to flower a T. gerdae hybrid which was connected to Peter Tristram's nursery. He registered it as T. Holm's Scented Surprise. About a year later our second plant flowered. The first pup from the first plant is now in flower, as shown in the pictures. This plant is again scented, as expected."

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