Tillandsia Holm's Mother Lode
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Tillandsia Holm's Mother Lode
duratii x crocata
From BCR ... "Open, spider-like leaf formation to 20cms. diameter x 20cms. tall. Narrowly-triangular, tapering grey leaves with curled ends. Erect, short-branched spike to 40cms. tall with golden orange flowers usually with some reddish pigmentation in the petals. Reg. Doc. 8/2015. by P Tristram. Country of origin: Germany"
Peter Tristram 07/15

Peter Tristram ... "Many of you will have this delight, T. duratii (assume var saxatilis) x crocata (assume Rutschmann Orange) from the Holm stable in the far west of Germany. Barry G mentioned to me that he has it in bloom so I await his promised photos to compare. Barry grows his outside whereas mine have been grown in my plastic Till house. I imported this cross a couple of times, sharing with Chris, but we had no idea how good it would be other than they keep getting bigger and remain pretty distichous. Out of the first batch I have only kept a few with one being double the size of these (~30 cm) but yet to bloom. It is interesting that the crocata (yellow or orange) has dominated the colour, something Barry has mentioned a few times before. If you have it, enjoy when it blooms. These must have been sold in Europe and, if Doetterer or the Czechs got many, they would be in some Asian countries too."

Updated 24/11/16