Tillandsia Holm's Globicosa
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Tillandsia Holm's Globicosa
BCR ... "Mature, upright, rosette to 20cm. diameter x 20cm. high. Arching, thin, grey-green leaves, tapering to a point. Arching spike to 25cm. long with russet red, pointed scape bracts and pink-tinted white flowers."
T. globosa X vernicosa by Burkhard Holm, Germany, 2003

Dale Dixon 10/19 as vernicosa x T. globosa
Dale Dixon ... "I got this one from Peter Tristram. It doesnít have a breeder on the tag. Parents are T. vernicosa x T. globosa.
Perhaps Peter can elaborate further. Nice plant, the inflorescence is about 20cm long. The white flowers have a touch of pink.
Anyone else growing this cross? Is it worth being registered?"

Peter Tristramn 10/19
Alfonso Trudu 10/19
Peter Tristram ... "Hi Dale, itís another of the Holm hybrids. I must have forgotten to add Holm to the tag - I guess I stuff up with the odd tag. Iíve posted it previously but will check tag and files today. Nice hybrid too and also in bloom here."
Peter Tristram ... "Others have this hybrid under formula - pic of tag attached. Geoff Lawn - Tanja Holm is aware of it but I think itís now only in Australia. Weíll get a name ASAP... after the BSQ show Iíll have some time!"
Alfonso Trudu ... "I have a couple of plants, one from you, Peter. I need to check if they are flowering."
Pam Butler ... "Hi Peter, have you found a name yet?"
Peter Tristram ... "Pam: As you could see by the label, it was purchased as globosa X vernicosa, the reverse of what I wrote on the label on Daleís plant. Which way around did I write it on your label?
Geoff Lawn kindly sent me a reply he has, from Tanja, Bob Holmís daughter, about various unregistered ones I imported. She remarked about this baby, ĎThis cultivar is not in stock anymore. Unfortunately I have no picture and no description to register it.í
Iím sure I sent her pics ages ago but weíll get a name on it asap. Itís one of the best from that group of interesting hybrids imho. Barry Genn did a similar one too, I think Ė smaller though. After Golden Broms and the BSQ show, Iíll have more time to investigate."
Pam Butler ... "Mine came as globosa X vernicosa."
Geoff Lawn ... "The late German breeder Burkhard Holm's T. globosa X vernicosa as grown in Australia, is now registered as T. 'Holm's Globicosa'."

Alfonso Trudu 12/19
Alfonso Trudu ... "After a few months of being in spike our T. Holm's Globicosa is now flowering. We like the red tone of its spike."
Dale Dixon ... "Yes, I remember mine took ages to actually flower as well. Interestingly mine flowered about two months ago."

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