Tillandsia Hat's Off
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Tillandsia Hat's Off
caput-medusae x ionantha. Unregistered.
Chris Larson 04/18
Chris Larson 11/19
Chris Larson 04/18 ... "An unregistered hybrid ex-Isley. A few people have asked what it looks like this one has struggled but you can get the picture."
Chris Larson 11/19 ... "An unregistered Isley hybrid. Paperwork said T. caput-medusae x ionantha. And the title T. Hat's Off.
I also have a much sqatter form with a shorter peduncle from the same import."
Derek Butcher 11/19 ... "You are confusing an old bloke! 'Hats off' has not been registered so we don't know what it is supposed to look like. Margaret Paterson used the same parents to produce 'Pomona' which really shows the influence of ionantha. So 'Hats off' should be registered as soon as possible so its history can be captured. I have done a cc to Paul."

Updated 11/02/20