Tillandsia Green Zebra
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Tillandsia Green Zebra
ionantha x schiedeana, Pamela Koide Hyatt ~2011
From BCR ... A cultivar (vegetative sport) of T. x rectifolia, which is a natural hybrid of T. ionantha and schiedeana. T. x rectifolia occurs frequently where these species populations overlap throughout central Mexico. This sport appeared in cultivation at Bird Rock Tropicals nursery. Mature plants are 18-20 cm tall and rosette is 10-12 cm wide. The normal green foliage has marked horizontal white cross-banding on all leaves. The inflorescence is simple and true for T. x rectifolia, with the center leaves producing a red blush and the typical cream to white flowers, which are violet at the base. Reg. Doc. 1/2015. Country of origin: California USA
Pamela Koide Hyatt, Bird Rock Tropicals ID# TX436
Dale Dixon 12/19 as x rectifolia with Zebra stripes.
Dale Dixon ... "Not registered I know, but a form of x rectifolia I got from Peter Tristram. You can see the ‘Zebra Stripe’ on some of the leaves."
Geoff Lawn ... "This almost certainly has to be the registered T. 'Green Zebra'."
Steven Molnar 06/22

Updated 15/06/22