Tillandsia Gallangowan
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Tillandsia Gallangowan
stricta x albertiana by Margaret Paterson 2001.
Mature rosette to 5cm. diameter. Reg. Doc. 6/2014. See 'Mystic Albert'. Country of origin: Qld., Australia
Bill Paterson.
Pam Butler 12/20
Pam Butler...."This photo doesn't do the plant justice. The flower is a beautiful dark purple."
Bryan Atkins 03/21
Bryan Atkins...."Here is my T. Gallangowan (stricta x albertiana by Margaret Paterson) which in my humble opinion is better than anything to come out of the 'Mystic' series, including Mystic Albert of the same parentage. The colour in the flowers of this plant are a rich deep heavy purple which is why I rate it as one of my most favoured plants."
Bryan Atkins 04/23

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