Tillandsia Fusa Rose
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Tillandsia Fusa Rose
roseiflora x edithae? ex. Franz Gruber
Submitted for Registration by Bruce Dunstan but not yet published (02/24)

Bruce Dunstan 02/24
Bruce Dunstan 02/24
Bruce Dunstan...."Second flowering of this plant originally from Franz Gruber in Colombia. I acquired my plant from Peter Tristram approx. 4 years ago as a T. roseiflora hybrid and it flowered quickly under my growing conditions. This time the growing habit was a little less caulescent and everyone I've shown it to has suggested that T. edithae is the likely pollen parent.
I finally got the registration info off to Geoff to get it registered."
Chris Larson..."Just a question for Peter. Wasn't this one on the Gruber's bench with the little red Brazilians with no name? and therefore we don't know either parent? Or was it over the other side of the nursery with a name?
I have one very close to this in terms of foliage, though it has never become caulescent - but the flower is not nearly as nice."
Peter Tristram 02/24 first to flower
Peter Tristram 02/24 last to flower
Peter Tristram ... "Originally there were 5 caulescent plants among the stemless ones, seemingly different clones; 3 went with me and 2 with Chris. They were sold as roseiflora, and some turned out as such, though mine are all deceased after the trials of the move.
Bruce twisted my arm for 1 (insurance policy) and the other two took a while to bloom but survived the move well (obviously hybrids!).
Gruber did well producing them! I bet there are a lot of edithae (and relatives) hybrids on the way around the world!
The pics are of the first and last one that bloomed for me.
What to call them? They are all different. T. Fusa Red Rose, Fusa Frosted Rose, Fusa + completely different names, Spanish names?? I haven't sold any yet."

Updated 28/02/24