Tillandsia Fire and Ice X albertiana
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Tillandsia Fire and Ice X albertiana
By Barry Genn. Not registered.
Bruce Dunstan 10/20
Bruce Dunstan ... "Another of Barry Gennís hybrids flowering for the first time for me. I guess Iíll need to find a T. Mystic Albert to compare. Lovely colour none the less. Well done Barry!"
Chris Larson ... "Lots of difference in the foliage, shorter, wider & thicker.
Flower also looks different - width of the petals is most of the difference compared with the photos of the plant on the BCR.
I find it funny that when we look at the BCR we look at an individual plant. When we apply the name in cultivation we apply it to the grex because otherwise you'd have a sea of names.
I look at Bruce's photos and they are distinguishable from the ones of T. Mystic Albert from the shipment I got from Isley in 2006 - which were a grex, with little difference. But, then again, the T. Mystic Albert we received were with the tag of a different Mystic - which was obviously wrong."

Updated 13/11/20