Tillandsia Eric The Red
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Tillandsia Eric The Red
ionantha x ? by Neville Ryan.
From BCR... "Mature, open, semi-bulbous rosette to 30cm. diameter x 30cm. high. Juvenile pups are upright with straight greyish brick red leaves. In strong light, the mature rosette has ball-like growth with recurving tanned pink to brick red leaves and highly scurfed foliage reverse. Semi-recessed inflorescence has a cluster of tubular purple flowers. Has been distributed as "ionantha giant hybrid". Named by Neville Ryan to honour his late father who had red hair."
Carolyn Bunnell 10/18
Terry Davis 10/18
Chris Larson 03/19
Chris Larson ... "Lost a couple of lower leaves but flowering well mounted. It flowered better than the one I had in a pot."
Bruce Dunstan 05/18 to 02/21. Comparison: 'Albert the Great' on left. 'Eric the Red' on right.
Chris Larson 04/22
Bruce Dunstan 10/22
Robert Bower 04/23 (?)

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