Tillandsia Dimmitt's Talent
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Tillandsia Dimmitt's Talent
rothii x concolor by Mark Dimmitt.
From BCR ... "Mature rosette to 30cms. diameter x 30cms. tall in spike. Erect inflorescence has multiple red branches with purple flowers. Entire rosette is pink/red most of the time in strong light and turns even redder when blooming. See also T. 'Awesome Amber'. Registered by P. Koide Hyatt. Country of origin: Arizona, USA."
Pam Butler 07/19
John Olsen 12/19
John Olsen 12/19 Hal's Nidus for comparison
Pam Butler ... "This is my Tillandsia Dimmit's Talent which I have purchased from Alan Phythian and Olive Trevor over the years."
Geoff Beech 12/19 as rothii x concolor
Geoff Beech ... "Is this a wide bracted 'Dimmitts Talent'? Iím not sure.
I got it as rothii x concolor - same cross. Anyway you look at it this is a plant worth growing. This one has been coloured up for the last 12 months but still no flowers, maybe it's too cold in Melbourne."
Grant Paterson 11/20 unlabelled ?
Bruce Dunstan 11/20 remake ?
John Olsen 02/21 as concolor hybrid by J.Arden*
Grant Paterson ... "I was gifted this plant without name. It was growing very well in near full sun all day. The closest I can get is to 'Dimmits Talent'."
Greg Aizlewood ... "Very nice Grant. The yellow sections in the leaf, are they growth spurts? I often see them on some of my plants and associated it with growth as it appears on mine after fresh rain following a dry period I believe. There also seems to be a marked reduction in trichomes in the area. Any ideas on the science behind this ?"
Grant Paterson ... "Not sure on the green patches. It was grown outside in near full sun as I said so could be related to rainfall earlier in the year. As for ID the Bracts are shorter than My other 'Dimitts Talents' but this could be expected when grown in so much light and not watered much."
Bruce Dunstan ... "My 'Dimmittís Talent' has really thick foliage from the concolor side of the cross I guess.
Pictures above are 'Dimmittís Talent' from George Stamatis. This (second) plant was from Bob Hudson with capitata x concolor RFI 'Awsome Amber'? on the tag. 'Awsome Amber' is quite a different cross with rothii X concolor so Iím thinking this is likely a 'Dimmittís Talent' remake."
Dale Dixon ... "Hi Grant, your plant looks remarkably similar to John Olsenís Halís Nidus on BinA. Did you see that?"
Grant Paterson ... "I have no providence for this one but is not like the 'Awsome Amber' nor 'Halís Nidus' I have or have seen.
I am just happy to have it now and will grow pups under same conditions as my other plants and await the results. I guess we can resume the conversation in a couple years when the pups flower"
* Bob Hudson to John Olsen ... "This is a plant I acquired from John Arden and he did this as a remake of Dimmitts Tallent."

Updated 12/02/21