Tillandsia Derek
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Tillandsia Derek
bulbosa (Belize large clone) x ionantha by P.Koide Hyatt 1987, California USA
From BCR ... "Mature rosette to 20cms. diameter x 20cms. tall. Has darker violet flowers, a shorter inflorescence and less trichomes than T. 'Joel'. T. 'Derek' is larger than the reverse cross T. 'Luke'.
Named after Adelaide, South Australian grower Derek Butcher.
Cross re-make in 1990 by Barry Genn (Queensland) produced progeny nearly identical to T. 'Derek' and so is identified as T. 'Derek'."
Pamela Koide Hyatt (Bird Rock Tropicals)
Jenny Brittain 11/17
Steve Molnar 05/19 bulbosa x ionantha BG re-make.
Jenny Brittain ... "Hi Uncle Derek, I have a seed pod that formed on your namesake! Woohoo!"
Derek Butcher ... "Wow! Remember depending on sex it has the potential of being sons of Derek or daughters of Derek. Personally, I think they will be inferior!!!"
Steve Molnar ... "I got this one a few years back from Barry Genn and this years flowering has been the best so far. Great colouring as it has come along and seems quite happy. Its a good pup producer also. I got it under formula as T. bulbosa x ionantha, but to me it looks like T. Derek. Great work BG it's a winner in my books."
Peter Tristram ... "Barry Genn has sure done a lot of near crosses! So many forms of bulbosa and ionantha makes for a lot of variation on the cross, even if it does resemble Pamís T. Derek."
Jenny Brittain 05/21 (at rear)

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