Tillandsia Coral Star
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Tillandsia Coral Star
mauryana x tectorum (Ecuador form).
Small, lepidote open rosette. Short scape with bicolored flowers--white with pale lavender petals. Registered 6/2012. California USA, P. Koide Hyatt
John Olsen 01/10
Pam Butler 11/19 ex. Cairns Conference
Chris Larson 05/22
Ray Clark 12/23
John Olsen ... "Purchased at Cairns Conference, pre-registration, from Pam Koide with I.D. #TX284."
Chris Larson ... "T. Coral Star - I have another smaller form like the the Bird Rock photo on the BCR. This one is larger - the foliage different to tectorum."
Nanette Collingwood ... "I'm wondering how does the T. Coral Star foliage differ to a tectorum? My very first impression was that it was a tectorum."
Chris Larson ... "The rosette is quite a bit more open - more so than any others I've seen. There is something from the mauryana in the shape of the leaves as well."

Updated 03/12/23