Tillandsia Coral Reef
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Tillandsia Coral Reef
From BCR "Small open rosette with angular leaves. Foliage does not have hairy trichomes as does T. ignesiae, instead it is stiff as in T. mauryana. Leaves are longer as in T. ignesiae. Single spike with green flowers, as per both parents."
mauryana x ignesiae by P. Koide Hyatt, California USA, 1992
Alfonso Trudu 10/21 as ignesiae x mauryana
Alfonso Trudu ... "After this T. ignesiae x mauryana being in spike for a few months, it has opened up. The flower is typical of T. mauryana. The hybrid was created by Pam K. or at least the plant was imported many years ago from her. I think it deserves a name so it can be registered. Maybe Pam can suggest one."
Pamela Koide Hyatt, Bird Rock Tropicals ... "It is registered already as 'Coral Reef'."

Updated 05/11/21