Tillandsia Copper Penny
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Tillandsia Copper Penny
cv of crocata

Sharon Lee 04/16
Peter Tristram 06/19

Sharon Lee 04/16 ... "Flowering for me at the moment is an Orange form of T. crocata I picked up from Bob H in June last year. Much stronger scent compared to my yellow form."
Peter Tristram 04/16 ... "Certainly a lovely form of crocata!
If this is one from Paul Isley (Rainforest Flora Inc – RFI), he named them 'Copper Penny'. Bob will know. Paul told me he did a seed batch (orange x yellow??) and the ones I purchased a few years ago do vary in flower colour (grex named), from yellow to orange. It’s a larger form than the yellows that I have had for years. The form from the Germans is 'Rutschmann Orange' and was likely what Paul started with via Mike Kashkin as mentioned in the BCR."
From BCR ... "‘Copper Penny’, Kashkin M., 1960s?
Mature, caulescent rosette to 25cm. diameter x 15cm. high. Spidery, grey-green scurfed, channeled leaves. Erect or arching inflorescence to 25cm. long of coppery orange flowers which are highly fragrant. This cultivar of T. crocata can grow larger, thicker leaves than the "normal" yellow-flowered form. In the 1970s this orange blooming form came to Rainforest Flora Inc., Los Angeles, from Mike Kashkin of Fuchsialand Nursery, Culver City, California. It is thought this form was probably wild-collected in the 1960s. See also T. 'Rutschmann's Orange'. Reg. Doc. 2/2016 by G. Lawn. Country of origin: Brazil?"

Peter Tristram 06/19 ... "I have finally remembered to take some pics of a couple of clumps of T. Copper Penny, which I purchased from PTI the 3rd at the WBC, Orlando, 2012. (Chris, he told me it was orange x yellow). One plant had basically yellow flowers too but I don’t know where it is any more because I separated it from the orange ones. I also have T. Rutschmann Orange (RO) in bloom, ex Germany and its flowers are a slightly darker shade of orange and the plant shape is ‘wilder’. Another plant blooming is a selfing of Rutschmann's Orange. It’s a big, solid crocata with a long spike and a beautiful flower. Today I’ll do some comparative pics of some different forms of ‘crocata’ to compare.
I’m not sure about Mock Orange, Chris Larson and I had nothing to do with the name. My non-yellow forms are from Holm (Buttercup, caliginosa and probable crocata x caliginosa and RO), other Germans (as RO), Derek (RO), Bob (as RO but is it Copper Penny?) and Barry (as Orange)."

Updated 06/08/19