Tillandsia Candy Corn
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Tillandsia Candy Corn
leonamiana x ixioides. Tropiflora.
Mature, open, rosette to 20cms. diameter. Recurving, grey-green, scurfed, deeply-channelled, narrow tapering leaves. Arching spike to 15cms. with scurfed, light peach / pink scape bracts and pale lemon petals. Origin and breeder are unknown - acquired by Tropiflora Nursery, Sarasota, Florida under parentage only many years ago. Registered 12/2014 by Denis Cathcart.
Bob Hudson 12/14.
Bob Hudson 2/12/14 6:31am
Here is a Tillandsia some of you Nutters out there may not have seen. Tillandsia Candy Corn.
Derek Butcher 3/12/14 7:40am
Bob. Some of us haven't heard of it either! How different is it to 'White Star'? Can I suggest you check up with Dennis Cathcart to find out when it will be registered?
Geoff Lawn 3/12/14 2:14pm
Derek, I have already emailed Dennis Cathcart about T. Candy Corn--awaiting his reply.
Chris Larson 3/12/14 8:45 PM
Hi Geoff, this is it: Tillandsia 'Candy Corn' (3384). This hybrid of (leonamiana x ixioides) is pretty much what you'd expect of this cross. An open rosette of narrow, arching, stiff ... As Derek said yesterday: most likely the white flowered leonamiana.
Chris Larson 12/14.
Chris Larson 08/18 ex Bob Hudson
Chris Larson 3/12/14 8pm
Hi. I first came across T. Candy Corn on the Tropiflora site a couple of years ago.
By coincidence, last week I took this photo. When Derek asked how close to White Star it was I thought of this.
On the left is T. ixioides X meridonalis by Holm.
Bottom right is what Paul sold us as T. White Star.
Top right is a seedling that came up amongst one of Pauls other hybrids. Pretty close but slightly different colour.
The inspectors mustn't have been pedantic about the seed in the imported plants that day. Most days they will pick out every seed - occasionally they are let through.
Derek Butcher 4/12/14 11:39am
Chris: You have certainly shown what variations on a theme you can get with meridionalis/recurvifolia/leonamiana involved in hybrids.
Just think of the discussions we have had at species level as to identity so quoted parentage is only a guide. Add to this the practice of non selection by the hybridists and you must expect variability.
In this case discussion is taking place before we know what Dennis Cathcart has to say.
Ron Jell 4/12/14 12:22am
I just thought I should add this to the mix for further discussion.
The attached photos are of a plant purchased from Peter Tristram in March 2013 as Tillandsia (recurvifolia x ixioides) a Holm hybrid.
It has just come into flower and I took the photo yesterday. It is the stated reverse cross of T. White Star and to me has greyer leaves than the BCR photo, but looks similar to Chris's photo of his Holm hybrid (ixioides x meridonalis) and also Candy Corn.
Ron Jell 12/14.
Bob Hudson 4/12/14 7:55 AM
Hi Chris & Derek. Not even close to my plant !!!!
Chris Larson 4/12/14 7:49am
Hi Bob. Even foliage wise they look different. I got a Candy Corn from you in June.
Ron - I may have made a mistake with the reversing of mum & dad on the Holm plant – must check the label. The plant is much whiter & a deeper colour. The only issue with it here is that it flowers too readily (what a problem to have), and doesn’t often reach the full plant size.
Dennis Cathcart 5/12/14 4am
Geoff: I don't have much on this one. I really think that one of my people put that name on a plant that we had just by formula. It was long ago and the name sort of stuck. Can't give you much more than that.
I am attaching four photos, but they are not much better than Bob's.
Dennis Cathcart 12/14.

Steve Molnar 02/18 Ex. Bob Hudson

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