Tillandsia Buttercup
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Tillandsia Buttercup
BCR ... "Mature, spidery rosette to 15cm. diameter. Grey-green, chaneled leaves heavily covered in fuzzy trichomes. Thin spike to 20cm. long with old-gold petals. One of a number of T. crocata variants and hybrids, both wild-collected and man-made, in cultivation with various shades of yellow and orange flowers. Imported into Australia in 2006 by Aussie collector Peter Tristram, from German collectors Burkhard Holm & Max Doetterer. The exact origin and cultivar namer of T. Buttercup are unrecorded.
crocata x ?
Not to be confused with T. 'Neville's Butter Cup' 04/2022.
Bruce Dunstan 08/21

Updated 23/04/22