Tillandsia Bravo
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Tillandsia Bravo
ionantha cultivar. Not yet registered but being imported to Australia 2019/2020.
Now registered, 02/20.
From BCR ..."Mature, full upright rosette to 5cm. diameter x 7cm. tall in flower. Succulent, grey-green arching leaves and highly scurfed lower foliage plus tinted pink if grown in harsher conditions. Inner leaves flush salmon pink at blooming with tubular violet flowers. Stock of this T. ionantha variant, so named as T. 'Bravo', was imported into Australia by Paradisia Nursery in Melbourne, Victoria , ex Thailand 8/2019. Its exact origin is unrecorded."
Chris Larson 11/12
Chris Larson 02/20
Chris Larson 10/19 ... "Another new import is T. ionantha Bravo, but it won't be in Bunnings - a little more pricey. Not out for a while. It looks much better than my photo. I saw a similar photo before the import and thought "not bad". Was much more impressed when I saw the plants."
Chris Larson 02/20 ... "This plant is approx. 7cm tall when in flower. Nice fat recurved silver leaves. In commercial production in Asia. They flowered while in quarantine and, as the light was not bright there, it is difficult to know if the colour would have been better if the light was high."

Updated 02/07/20