Tillandsia Bonsall Beauty
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Tillandsia Bonsall Beauty
A form of tenuifolia, P.Isley.
Chris Larson 07/18
Rainforest Flora
Air Plant Décor
Chris Larson ... "Another of the things which I’ve questioned over the years:
Firstly, my suspicions were raised on importing T. Bonsall Beauty & T. Silver Comb from Rainforest Flora back in 2006. The plants we received were more like a T. araujei than my concept of T. tenuifolia.
– but I have never compared them to the species descriptions. (See Bromeliad Cultivar Registry Bonsall Beauty and Silver Comb)
The plants we received as T. Bonsall Beauty in 2006 were/are a little finer in appearance than the way it appears on the BCR & has a little of a bronze tinge to the leaves (see my photo above). These have been sold by Collector's Corner over the intervening years – we must have sold several thousand.
Note the flowers in the Rainforest Flora pics above which I would more associate with T. araujei.
There are a number of other photos of T. Bonsall Beauty on the net including the one above from "Air Plant Décor". This reminds me more of T. Silver Comb, see RFI/BCR picture below.
T. Silver Comb, RFI
T. araujei 'Bronze', Bird Rock Tropicals
T. neglecta 'Bronze', Chris Larson 07/18
So , I was scrolling around on Bird Rock Tropicals site today and found a pic of T. araujei ‘Bronze’. It’s a dead ringer for the plant I am growing as T. Bonsall Beauty – though mine/CCs is a little more bronze than Pam’s photos.
Anyway, getting to this the long way around – and the thing that got me to write this is right off on a different tangent:
I posted the picture above on Facebook a few days ago. I got it as T. neglecta 'Bronze'. It is different to the T. neglecta 'Red' floating around Queensland.

Updated 09/08/18