Tillandsia Bobserta
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Tillandsia Bobserta
exserta x rothii, by Bob Hudson, Queensland.
From BCR ... "Plant height at flowering 75cms. About 6 side branches each up to10cms long. Grey leaves in contrast to related hybrid T. ‘Belli’ which leans more towards T. rothii."
Bob Hudson 2004 as Registered
Bob Hudson 06/18
Bob Hudson 06/18 ... "Here is a little hybrid that was made some time ago by my good mate Richie Sharpe on my plants T. rothii [pollen] x T. exerta [seed]. It has very pale T. rothii colored flowers."
Derek Butcher ... "Would you consider it a re-make of T. 'Bobserta' ?"
Bob Hudson ... "It is from the same seed batch so it is T. 'Bobserta' although a lot different in the flower spike and conformation and color."
Derek Butcher ... "Such are the problems when you hybridise when using just one unstable parent. There are already 3 registered names for this combination. To me they all look to have similar attributes and it seems to be a case of whether you are looking for differences or similarities."
Bob Hudson ... "I would have to agree, I will settle on T. 'Bobserta'."

Updated 04/11/18