Tillandsia Bob's Pick
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Tillandsia Bob's Pick
capitata x scaposa, by Andrew Flower, NZ.
Andrew Flower..."Attached Tillandsia 'Bob's Pick' named for Robert Hudson who, when over here counting sheep after the Auckland Conference this year, spotted a plant I though was hidden in the Potting Shed. Alas, he found it so I am forced to acknowledge his prowess.
Mother is Tillandsia capitata "caulescent, Guatemala" ex Pam Koide T029 (now called 'Rio Hondo'), fathered by T. scaposa also ex Pam.
'Bob's Pick' are 25-30cm high, 33-35cm across."
Registration pending 05/13.
Andrew Flower 05/13.
Andrew Flower 01/15.

Updated 31/01/15