Tillandsia Bob Holm's Passion
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Tillandsia Bob Holm's Passion and
Bob Holm's Passion Down Under

geminiflora x globosa, by B.Holm 1986
From BCR ... "Bob Holm's Passion - Mature plant to10 cm high x 12 cm diameter. Very short caulescent, secund, light green, very open rosette with strongly recurved foliage. The bottom third of the leaves is quite wide with silvery-grey trichomes, the rest is green and smooth with few trichomes. The inflorescence is salmon, branched, and bears numerous pink flowers. Reg. Doc. 4/2016 by T Richter. Germany."
From BCR ... "Bob Holm's Passion Down Under - Mature rosette 20cm. diameter x 13cm. high in bloom. Relfexed scurfed light green leaves. Arching, compact, branched inflorescence of frosted pink bracts and fuchsia pink flowers. So named to honour Burkhard (Bob) Holm in Germany who in 1994 supplied Andrew Flower with T. globosa seed from which progeny the pollen parent was used in this repeat cross by Andrew Flower in New Zealand 2001"

See also reverse cross under globosa x geminiflora entry.
Chris Larson 10/17
Andrew Flower 10/17
Bob Holm's Passion Down Under
Chris Larson ... "Just flowering this one. T. geminiflora X globosa. A dainty little thing."
Andrew Flower ... "Agree it is a nice little plant. Co-incidentally that cross is just starting to flower here, but here it is known as Tillandsia 'Bob Holm's Passion Down-Under' and registered as such! How come?
In 1994 Bob Holm sent me seed of Tillandsia globosa, and in 2000 I used one of the seedlings to pollinate one of my T. geminiflora plants. The first offspring from that cross flowered in 2007 (pics attached) but I didn't get around to registering it before 2016 when Bob's daughter registered T. Bob Holm's Passion. I then decided, since it was the same parental species cross and my T. globosa came originally from his seed, to carry his name through onto my cross."

Updated 25/01/19