Tillandsia Betty Bo-Peep
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Tillandsia Betty Bo-Peep
Formerly (pre-registration) listed here as Betty Redo or Betty Redux 'Betty' x xerographica (Unregistered Grex). See notes below.

From BCR ... "Mature, open rosette, variable from 25-40cm. diameter x 40-50cm. tall in spike Scurfed grey-green to bronzed pink arching / recurving, channeled leaves.Erect spike of pointed vermilion to pale pink scape bracts and exserted, tubular mauve flowers . Imported circa 2010 by Queensland grower Stan Walkley ex Rainforest Flora Inc., Los Angeles under parentage only and so distributed. Grex siblings =T. 'Betty', 'Super Betty'. Reg. Doc. 6/2021 by Geoff Lawn. Country of origin: California USA.
xerographica x brachycaulos by Paul Isley ~1990"
Chris Larson ... "Geoff: Stan confirmed that plant was from Paul Isley - it was bought from Isley when Stan and Paul were in Singapore - so he got it very directly from Paul. So it will be out of the same grex."

Chris Larson 02/18
* John Olsen, Bruce Dunstan 12/19 as xerographica x brachycaulos
Discussion Notes from pre-registration
Chris Larson ... "Sorry the photos arenít crispy. There are flower out if you look carefully. I have this (obviously) xero hybrid in flower. I thought it 'T. Betty from VB Bob' from the label Ė but obviously I stuffed up the labelling. Any ideas?"
George Stamatis ... "The plant looks like a particularly outstanding clone of Paul Isley's 'Betty Redo' grex (the grex is also called 'Betty Redux').
This grex is the progeny of 'Betty' x xerographica. So, it is essentially mostly xerographica with a touch of brachycaulos genes. I got a handful of seedlings from this grex when I visited Isley years ago. There is definitely a resemblance.
Of the handful of seedlings I got, 1 clone was a standout, and quite similar to yours. I hope you will propagate this plant and put it into circulation. It is beautiful!"
Chris Larson ... "Thanks. When I looked at it, I wasnít sure if it was behaving badly in the top half of the spike. But the brachycaulos would explain it."
John Olsen ... "ex. Stan W. provenance unknown." *Ed. 'Betty Redo' ?

Updated 24/07/21