Tillandsia Betty
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Tillandsia Betty
xerographica x brachycaulos P.Isley.
NOTE: Check also 'Betty Redo' on this site. A grex of 'Betty' x xerographica
See also 'Super Betty' and 'Betty Bo-Peep'.

Bob Hudson 06/17
Len Colgan
Paul Isley
* John Olsen, Bruce Dunstan 12/19 as xerographica x brachycaulos
John Olsen ... "ex. Stan W. provenance unknown." *Ed. 'Betty Bo-Peep' ?"
"Other" Betty (CL)
Betty "Asian#1" (CL)
Betty "Asian#2" (CL)
(CL) = Chris Larson 04/22 ... "I just thought I'd compare some "Betty" variants:
1. Other "Betty" - I think I got this from Isley in 2012 - not grown in a pot. Not very strong - interesting to see what happens when treated better.
2. Two different clones of a plant Collector's Corner has been selling as T. capitata 'Hybrid Light Peach' - (the Asian Betty's) - but I am not registering them as such, or using that name. One flowered with a smaller spike (Asian#1) than the other.
3. John Olsen's photo on the BCR of the plant Stan got from PTI under formula & was registered as T. Betty Bo-Peep (See also this website).
4. George Stamatis's BCR photo of T. Super Betty.(Versions also on this web site).
Out of interest, one of the plants that I got from Guatemala as T. zacapanensis looks like it is in the same vein as Super Betty - but a little less on the capitata side - I haven't a photo to show."
Chris Larson 01/23 Two different forms of 'Betty'

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