Tillandsia Bak's Noddy
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Tillandsia Bak's Noddy
Mature open mid-green rosette to 40cm. diameter. Decurved to pendant branched inflorescence, total 70cm. long with salmon pink bracts and mauve / cobalt blue flowers. Possible link to Tillandsia deflexa suggested by Walter Till. Country of origin: Netherlands
Adam Bodzioch 08/15
Bruce Dunstan 06/16
Nanette Collingwood 11/19
Nanette Collingwood ... "This gorgeous plant's pendulant inflorescence is over 60 cm long. Unusual coloured flower too."
Bruce Dunstan 10/20
Dale Dixon 10/20
George Nieuwenhoven 2020 : "Both Adam and myself have flowered this plant during the last 12 months. I just went out into the shade house and it measures 300 mm across with 4 offsets. The inflorescence would have been a minimum of 300 mm also, cultivation is easy enough under my conditions in the shadehouse exposed to the elements."
George Nieuwenhoven 10/22 "flowering again after a few years"

Tillandsia ‘Bak’s Noddy’ by Derek Butcher June 2016
This saga seems to have started in 2011 when Bruce Dunstan posted some photos on Florapix as Tillandsia ? Walter Till suggested it seemed linked to Tillandsia deflexa but could add nothing further. This species is little known in cultivation and all we have is the description under Tillandsia deflexa L. B. Smith, Contr. Gray Herb. 154: 35, pl. 1, figs. 4, 5. 1945.
Type. Steyermark 37390 (holotype F), above Finca El Porvenir, Cerro de Mono, south slopes of Volcan Tajumulco, 1400-1700 m alt, San Marcos, Guatemala, 9 Mar 1940.
Distribution. Known from the type collection only.
From protologue : In its hanging lax inflorescence, T. deflexa is reminiscent of T. standleyi, but it has nearly concolorous leaves with ligulate blades, larger floral bracts and connate posterior sepals.

The plant in question was traced back to Peter Bak in Holland but he could not advise any provenance and there were significant differences! It grew well in Australia and produced offsets easily. It should have a name for identification purposes and Peter Tristram has suggested ‘Bak’s Noddy’ which is apt because it not only indicates its source but one of its outstanding attributes. Depending on growing conditions, the plant can vary from 30-40 cm diam, The peduncle to 30 cm long with the fertile inflorescence to 40 cm long"

Updated 22/10/22