Tillandsia Arden's Little Thunder
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Tillandsia Arden's Little Thunder
From BCR ... "Mature, small secund , semi-bulbous-based rosette to 12cm. diameter x 15cm. high in bloom. Angled, highly scurfed , stiff, grey- green leaves with tight growth in clumps. Erect short inflorescence of rosy red scape bracts and tubular, violet flowers with inner foliage flushed light pink. Reg. Doc. 11/2021 by Alfonso Trudu."
pueblensis x ionantha by John Arden ~1970s, California USA
Alfonso Trudu 11/21
Alfonso Trudu ... "T. pueblensis x ionantha is in flower. The plant was imported by Peter Tristram from BRT, which has it listed as T. 'Arden's Little Thunder' (https://www.birdrocktropicals.com/tillandsia-ardens-little-thunder/). The same cross also appears on the Tropiflora website (https://tropiflora.com/products/tillandsia-little-thunder), but it came from Paul Isley according to Dennis Cathcart. I think the plant is worthy of registration."
Geoff Lawn ... "This T. 'Arden's Little Thunder' is now registered and posted online at: http://registry.bsi.org/?id=17014&whatsnew#17014"

Updated 06/12/21