Was Tillandsia amicorum
Now Cipuropsis amicorum
(See DD02/17: for all new (DNA resolved) species & Cultivars.)

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Cipuropsis amicorum
Peter Tristram 04/14. (As Tillandsia)
Chris Larson 08/17.
Peter Tristram ... "I just had to show off this unusual Venezuelan species since it opened the first flowers today – T. amicorum. The white flowers are very different to most Tillandsias, like those of T. naundorffiae.
T. amicorum is a centre pupper like many Andean rainforest bromeliad species and, thankfully, appears to be quite east to cultivate. The initial pup has to be removed if any more pups are to sprout so a sharp blade and patience are essential.
If you thought this species reminds you of Vr. zamorensis or the Mezobromelias you’d be correct as that’s just what its closest dna relatives are – Cipuropsis-Mezobromelia clade and will become Cipuropsis amicorum eventually I expect."
Chris Larson ... "This is my Cipuropsis amicorum. Habitat is 1000m alt in Venezuela. No longer a T. amicorum, anyone reading the BSI Journals will know that it has been reclassified to a new genus. The pup in the centre of the plant will make things a bit more difficult to propogate."
Steve Molnar 06/23 living up to its description as a centre pupper
Steve Molnar 06/23 living up to its description as a centre pupper

Updated 06/06/23