Derek the Hybrid Detective

DD0117 Holm’s hybrids imported by Peter Tristram
- and supposedly surviving in Australia at August 2016 (not Registered) by Butcher with comments by Tanja Richter

albertiana x aeranthos different to ‘Mystic Air’. Now ‘Holm’s Alberanthos’
albertiana x argentina call it ‘Mystic Markus’
albertiana x ixioides only reverse survives in Germany ? different
albertiana x roseiflora to be registered “Holm’s Alberose’
albertiana x xiphioides call it ‘Mystic Trumpet’
araujei x aeranthos to be registered
bandensis x crocata call it ‘Gold Dust’
bulbosa x achyrostachys not surviving in Germany ? same as reverse ‘Holm’s Fireplace’
bulbosa x ionantha scaposa same as reverse therefore ‘Holm’s Firefly’
Ed. caput-medusa x flabellata now ‘Holm’s Darling’, was ‘Papa’s Leibling’ (German for same thing) in early imports.
caulescens x dura must be the reverse – therefore ‘Holm’s Durascens’
caulescens x vernicosa to be registered
crocata x aurea to be registered
crocata x dura not surviving in Germany
crocata x duratii (Ed. from PT - "Have imported 'Holm's Mother Load' a few times also with parentage order reversed. Also Barry Genn did a remake 'Nugget' using yellow crocata.")
crocata x humilis (Ed. On this site. From PT "imported in 2006, Or reverse parentage order. All died recently but maybe others have it. Imported as crocata x aurea, can't remember why name change.") (Ed. from UD "See 'Holm's Sunshine' on BCR ? The botanists consider that aureobrunnea is a synonym of humilis but many German horiculturists still hang on to aureobrunnea.")
crocata x mallemontii call it ‘Tawny Yellow’
cyanea x aeranthos x albertiana not surviving in Germany
diguettii x bulbosa to be registered
funckiana x andreana call it ‘Funky One’
(geminiflora x roseiflora) x sprengeliana not surviving in Germany
- (Note - roseiflora x geminiflora has been registered as 'Bob Holm's Everlast', link to above is unknown.)
globosa x vernicosa not surviving in Germany
ixioides x albertiana now ‘Holm’s Alberix’
ixioides x meridionalis call it ‘White Star’
ixioides x stricta to be registered
polzii x aeranthos decided the polzii was really bella. Registered as ‘Holm’s Azurite’
reichenbachii x crocata origin unknown in Germany but cross remade, to be registered
streptocarpa ‘Alba’ x ‘Alba’ Really a selfing of a white petalled form of the sp. Suggest progeny will be closer to blue petals. Not worth registering unless something startling.
tenuifolia x stricta to be registered
(vernicosa x caulescens probably reverse see above) x globosa to be registered

Updated 08/02/17