Tillandsia stricta
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Tillandsia stricta
Ken Woods.
Ian Hook Sydney 04/04.
Ken Woods Sydney 09/09.
Vic Przetocki 11/18. as var. latifolia
Vic Przetocki 11/18. as var. surinamensis

Tillandsia stricta var. piniformis
Peter Tristram 12/11.

Black leaf form.
Ken Woods 08/04.
Ken Woods 02/11.

Tillandsia stricta var. nivea
Ken Woods.
Peter Tristram 08/15. Barry Genn's all white form.

Tillandsia stricta var. albiflora
Ken Woods.

Tillandsia stricta "Hard Leaf" form.
Chris Larson 06/11. Hard Leaf form from Rainforest Flora.

Tillandsia stricta Miniature form.
Derek Butcher 03/16. To show how varied stricta can be, this is a dwarf form from Marica, Rio de Janeiro. Ex. Antonio Miranda seed 1998.

Tillandsia stricta "Silver" form.
Terry Davis 02/10. (Ed. Chris Larson questions this form. Being investigated.)

Below is the train of thought on "Silver form" from the Tillandsia discussion group.

Terry Davis, 21 Jul 2011: "Following discussion with Chris of the differences with Tillandsia 'Cotton Candy' and 'Houston' and looking at written description of Tillandsia 'Houston' it is reasonably certain that the images on the BSA website of Tillandsia stricta Silver form are those of Tillandsia 'Houston'."
Bob Hudson, 20 Jul 2011: "Here is a photo of Tillandsia Houston i have just flowered [ex PI 111]"
Derek Butcher, 21 Jul 2011: "I have similar views on photo 2 & 3 by Ken Woods. Without being too dogmatic, the hybrids you mention are Dimmitt's and have been imported from the USA. The enclosed shows it is a grex name and how variable the siblings were and that back crossings were done. The other problem is that Greg Stewart ( son-in-law of Rolly Reilly) had already crossed these same parents so his hybrids ( Southern Cross etc) were circulating Australia before Dimmitt's hybrids hit our shores."
Mark Supple, 21 Jul 2011: "I also have T.Houston in flower, see attached."
Terry Davis, 21 Jul 2011: "Thanks for the word document. That was the source of the description I used.
I wouldn't be surprised at the similarity of the plants in Ken's no. 2 & 3 as that was the source of my plant labeled T. stricta grey form, I wonder if Ken can remember where he got the original plant ?"

Click HERE to go to Tillandsia Houston description and extra photos.

Tillandsia stricta "Bak" (NR)
Type 1. Vic Przetocki 07/18
Type 2. Vic Przetocki 07/18
Vic Przetocki ... "Tillandsia stricta 'Bak' seems to be variable, two forms that I picked up from Bunnings."

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