Tillandsia cacticola
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Tillandsia cacticola
Species, Peru.
See also T. 'Splendid' page for discussion of cacticola var. splendida, Splendid, Splendide, caulescent and succulent forms.
Ken Woods 08/10.
Ray Clark 08/13.
Stephen Morgan 09/14
Andrew Flower 08/13 ex. Eric Gouda
Stephen Morgan ... "Bought as cacticola, but thin purple edge on petals ??"
Andrew Flower ... "Your plant looks much like one I have flowering here at present - grown from seed Eric Gouda sent me in September 2008 (according to my computer his label said cacticola number 143, or maybe that was his seedbank number).
Mine is quite a small plant: 8cm diameter, 32cm tall of which the inflorescence contributes 28cm. Spikes 5cm, flower 13mm dia, no scent discernable by a male nose.. See purple edge on petals."
Eric Gouda ... "Yes, it was the seed bank number, it was seed from my collection in 2008 and I can look into it if I have any data on it.
I have several wild clones and have to cross them to get seeds I suppose. It looks like a quite normal T. cacticola to me."

Pam Buttler 10/14. "I have two T. cacticola flowering at present.One I bought in Melb. and the other imported.The imported one is the much bigger plant and bract."
Rob Bower 10/17

Peter Tristram 11/18. All white bracts.
Peter Tristram ... "I was recently surprised to find a white-bracted cacticola among the Franz Gruber plants imported after Chris, Michael and I travelled to Colombia in 2014. So far the rest have bloomed the usual bright pink. The first blooming of this form ended abruptly when an animal of some type munched off the spike so I was unaware of its lack of pink pigment. Someone has a pup from it as I assumed it was a pink one like the others. Chris and Michael need to keep an eye on theirs too. The white isnít as pure as T. Casper so Iíll dream up a cultivar name for it. Thereís a yellow flowered, white bracted form too at Franz's Nursery."
Steve Molnar 06/19
Steve Molnar ... "a great show before the main event. I really like the colour of the inflorescence, and it colours up well in advance of the flowers. The first flower has just come out and looking forward to more of them emerging."
Chris Larson ... "Iím not sure if we were the only importers of this sort of T. cacticola, but we imported it back in the 90s (I think) & sold it as T. cacticola compact form Ė I think we got a couple of 100 of them. It is on the disc Ė but not a well grow specimen."

Updated 17/01/20