Neoregelia Fireball
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Neoregelia Fireball
cv of unknown species, attempted registration 1967. First identified & imported to US by Nat DeLeon from an Orchid collector Mr. Walter Doering of Sao Vicente Brazil, in the state of Sao Paulo in 1959, collected locally.
Ian Hook, Sydney 09/02, from Castle Hill Orchid Show'02.
Ian Hook 09/02
Ian Hook 12/04
N. "Fireball from Bill"
D.Butcher 06/11 See Detective Derek: DD0611. for more details.
Ian Hook 09/21

Neoregelia Fireball Variegated
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/04, BSA show 05/04 entry.
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/06.
Derek Butcher has commented that not only is the origin (and species status) of Fireball uncertain, the TRUE Fireball is a bit of a mystery in most collections. He suspects that the true Fireball is the slightly variegated form above which loses it's markings in good light. Names such as "Fireball Variegatta" are invalid and not registered but Fireball variegated is acceptable. The albo-marginated clone shown above is possibly "Rosi", there over 150 registered Fireball clones.

Neoregelia Fireball Cross
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/06.
Ian Hook, 05/08. 2nd unknown.
Ian Hook, Sydney 07/08, 3rd Unknown. "Giant Fireball"?.
Ian Hook 06/16, 4th Unknown. "Alien Ocean" ?

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